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About Matoke Tours

Matoke Tours is one of East Africa's leading tour operators specialized in providing quality, individualized private and group tours within the region.

Since its establishment in 2002, the company has grown into a reputable Africa specialist with representations in the Netherlands, Uganda and Madagascar, offering trips to a number of destinations. The fast growth and the success of Matoke Tours can be attributed to our hard work and enthusiasm, a passion for the region and a youthful and spirited approach to tourism. 

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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism has a lot of positive influences on Africa. It supports the economy, it creates awareness and it helps to protect national parks and its wildlife. Without tourism the gorillas, the elephants and many other animal species would have been extinct. However; Tourism has negative influences as well. As a tour operator we have the responsibility to limit the negative influences on social/economic aspects, and environmental issues as much as possible. Matoke Tours hopes that generations of people can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of this wonderful continent. 

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Our prefered accommodations

Accommodations in Uganda

Matoke Tours stands out for over 10 years in its accommodation concept: We visit all accommodation in Uganda ourselves to be able to select the best accommodation for you and to give you advice from personal experience!

Our selection criteria are focused on the view, service, location, style and price of each lodge. We give options in different standards and budgets.

On this page you will find our selection of the best hotels and lodges Uganda has to offer.

We also have a selection of preferred accommodation in Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar

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4WD Transport in Uganda

Matoke Tours has its own car park and workshop. Transport can be customized to all budgets and preferences.

Matoke Tours owns minibuses with 7 window-seats and Landcruisers with 3, 5 and 7 window-seats.  All cars are 4wd and have a pop-up roof or open roof for an excellent safari view. In Matoke Tours' own workshop the cars are serviced after each trip.

Cars with air-conditioning can be booked on request.

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Matoke Tours  ground handler

Matoke Tours Ground Handler

Matoke Tours has been handling tours for tour companies from all over the world since 2008. Using Matoke Tours as your ground handler means that you get fast and tailor made service, competitive prices, a well maintained car park and the best driver/ guides in Uganda. Matoke Tours is member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour operators) and ATTA (African Travel & Tourism Association).

Choosing Matoke Tours would as well benefit others, as Matoke Tours is rewarded as Sustainable leader in Uganda!

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