Matoke Tours: Best Tour operator Uganda!

Winner of Uganda Tourism Excellence Awards 2015

Matoke Tours is proud to be voted best international tour operator in Uganda 2015/2016/ and again in 2016/ 2017 during the Tourism excellence awards that were held on both times at Kampala Serena Hotel by the Ugandan Tourism Board. 

The Tourism Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of the tourism industry, giving recognition through the awards program as a way of showing appreciation for the hard work and dedication to individuals and companies that have led to the tremendous growth of Uganda's tourism over the years. More information >>


  • To promote and reward excellence in the Ugandan tourism industry
  • To ensure the preservation of standards in the Ugandan tourism industry
  • To create a platform for the key sector players in the tourism industry to     meet and network with one another.



What were the nomination criteria?

  1. The overall strength and long-term viability of the business/business model/strategy
  2. How has the tour operator/ travel agency sought to improve customer service and commit to customer satisfaction? (specific initiatives)
  3. How has the tour operator/ travel agency made a commitment to growth, innovation and product development?
  4. What specific initiatives demonstrate the tour operator/ travel agency’s most valuable contribution to or enhancement of the tourism industry?
  5. How has the tour operator/ travel agency excelled in human resources procedures? Ie: employee retention, training, motivation
  6. Membership to registered associations with code of ethics and adherence to the same

Why Matoke Tours?

1. Matoke Tours has been the leading tour company in Uganda for over 10 years, giving personal and swift service, having strong visibility with a strong name, a visible logo and an original strategy by being among the first tour operators in Africa focusing on the underserved mid-range bracket.

2. Customer service is provided by staff members speaking English, Polish, German, Dutch, French, Swahili and Luganda. Matoke Tours trains its own staff in customer care. Matoke Tours is known for asking questions, to make sure we deliver exactly what the clients want. - Matoke Tours has excellent reviews from previous clients

3A. Matoke Tours strongest point is to being innovative. We have created our own routes whereby we have developed activities in areas no one else is going to. We are actively promoting tours going to Pian Upe, Karamoja, Kalongo, Pader, Namwendwa and Kidepo and much more areas most tour operators haven't even heard off. Most often we do this in cooperation with NGO's.


3B. Matoke Tours is the only tour operator in Uganda (maybe in the world) to offer a virtual reality brochure (using google glasses) to show Uganda to the world

4. Matoke Tours is among the 3 largest tour operators in Uganda in amount of clients. On top of that, Matoke Tours was voted sustainable leader in Uganda

5. Matoke Tours trains people in customer care and specific knowledge about the tourism industry. As well we give the first aid training, fire emergency training and we encourage and financially support staff to participate in external trainings. Every office member has a medical insurance and we pay 50% of the medical insurance of their children. As well we bring every year one of our staff to Europe for a cultural exchange.

6. Matoke Tours is member of SGR, ANVR, ATTA, UCF, AUTO, UTB. Matoke Tours is having a liability insurance to make sure we are covered in any circumstance.