12-days Uganda & Rwanda

Ultimate primate tracking tour


This 12-day tour of Uganda and Rwanda will acquaint you with the top highlights of these two scenically stunning East African countries and bring you face to face with fascinating primates like the Chimpanzees and the real Gorillas in the Mist! 


  • Chimpanzees in Uganda & Rwanda
  • Lake Mutanda & Lake Kivu
  • Gorilla permits included
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Our standard offering for mid-range tours is a 4wd minibus with pop-up roof for easy safari viewing. All passengers will have a dedicated window seat. Your professional and courteous driver/guide will be at your disposal for questions or translations.

You can as well opt for an upgrade in transport. Please see below for details:

Upgrade to a full-sized Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser is the most used safari vehicle in Africa, It's strong, it's rugged and spacious. Of course it looks good, too!

The car suits a maximum of 4 persons and has a pop-up roof for a perfect safari view!

The extra cost for this option is $80 per day. 

*Divided by the number of persons traveling; not per person.


Upgrade to 4wd Extended Toyota Landcruiser

The extended Landcruiser is for some the ultimate safari vehicle in Africa. It's 4wd, spacious, high up and strong. The extended land cruiser has even a fridge on board!

There is, of course, an open roof for an excellent safari view. The extended landcruiser is suitable for a maximum of 6 persons.

The extra cost for this option is $150 per day.

*Divided by the number of persons traveling; not per person.


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