Djibouti is out of this world. It is as if a great chunk of Mars has been carved out and jig sawed on to the Horn of Africa. Seated on the Afar Triple Junction – the meeting point for three of the Earth’s tectonic plates. The highlights of Djibouti are not all that many, but all worthwhile. Go snorkeling with whale sharks in the Bay of Ghoubbet, float in the briny waters of Lac Assal – the lowest point in Africa, and visit Lac Abbé, a filming location for the first "Planet of the Apes".

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12 days Ethiopia & DjiboutiComfort

12 days Ethiopia & Djibouti

History & whale sharks

Visit the best sites of the Historic Route in northern Ethiopia and explore the unknow, yet wonderful Djibouti in only 13 days; this trip combines both historical and natural highlights of both countries! 

The best travel time for this trip is November - early February due to whale shark season


  • Comfort with domestic flights
  • Hike in Simien Mountains N.P.
  • Snorkeling with Whale sharks
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