Nyiragongo volcano

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Climbing one of the most active volcanos in the world, stunning nature and a sea of lava when you reach the summit. Climbing the Nyiragongo volcano is one of the highlights of visiting DR Congo. In 4-6 hours you will reach the summit where you will spend the night in basic summit shelters. At night the largest lava lake in the world will keep you mesmerized for hours. The hike is challenging in parts and you will have a climb of about 2,000 meters. A porter will help carry your backpack so you can focus on the stunning views.  At the top you will be well cared for by the Virunga NP staff, including a hot meal prepared by your expedition cook. Not many people have gone before you on this thrilling adventure. 


What to bring

Climbing an active volcano is a real thrill. In order to enjoy it to the fullest it is important to pack the following essentials. The Matoke Tours backpack is already included in the tour package.


The Matoke Tours package contains: 

* Warm jacket

* Sleeping bag 

* Lunch package 

* 6 litres of drinking water

* Rain poncho

* A cook to prepare hot meals at the summit

* Personal porter to carry your luggage (max 15 kg)


Additional items you need: 

* Good hiking shoes 

* Change of clothes 

* Extra warm layers for the summit 

* Your photo camera with enough batteries to last the night

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