Virunga National park

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Virunga National park

The oldest national park dating from 1925 and the most varied region on the African continent. The snow caped Rwenzori Mountains, Active volcanoes, Mountain Gorilla's and Chimpanzees. This park was descleared a UNESCO world heritage site and is now also on the list of World Heritage sites in danger. The park’s 7800 square kilometers (3000 square miles) includes forests, savannas, lava plains, swamps, erosion valleys, active volcanoes, and the glaciated peaks of the Rwenzori mountains.


Mountain Gorilla tracking

This park is one of the best places on the continent to view from up close the rare mountain gorilla. for more information click here.


Senkwekwe Gorilla orphanage

The Senkwekwe Center, located at park headquarters in Rumangabo at a walking distance from Mikeno lodge. This the only facility in the the world that cares for mountain gorilla orphans. Each of the four gorillas living at the center was victimized by poachers or animal traffickers, and likely witnessed family members being murdered. Thanks to the financial support of individuals around the world – and the loving care provided by their human caregivers – the orphans now lead happy and secure lives in their forested enclosure. Although you are not allowed to interact with the orphanaged gorilla's it is still nice to see how the local community takes care of these orphanaged gorilla's. 

Rwindi plains

One of the hidden secrets of the Virunga national park are the Rwindi plains. Beautiful Savanna surrounded by the Mountains and Lake Edward with its huge Hippo population. Lions, Elephants, antilopes and Buffalo are common in the are. Animal population used to be very dense in this region but due to illegal hunting the numbers declined over the years. The region is now recovering and is expected to soon open again for visitors for a traditional safari.


Chimpanzee habituation walk

In February 2014, a Congolese team trained by Frankfurt Zoological Society began habituating a group of chimpanzees living in the forests around park headquarters in Rumangabo. Guests staying at Mikeno Lodge can join this team on their daily visits to the chimpanzees. The day begins when a group of local trackers leave their camp at 4:30 am to locate where the chimpanzees spent the previous night. Lodge guests set out at 6:00 am to find the chimpanzees. Groups are limited to 4 people and time with the chimpanzees is restricted to one hour.

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