Omo Valley

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The Lower Omo Valley, located in south-western Ethiopia, is a truly unique part of the world known for its diverse ecosystems and rich tribal culture. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its geological significance, a drive through this region will be one of changing beauty, from dry, open savannah plains and grasslands to volcanic outcrops and highland forests. 


Market Days

The weekly markets in Omo Valley are important social gatherings attracting hordes of people from the surrounding villages. For visitors, it is an opportunity to observe the local tribes interacting with each other in a lively atmosphere amongst livestock, displays of fruit and local crafts. If you are looking to shop, come armed with your best haggling skills! 


Through the valley, the Omo River carves a 760km path from the highlands in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley to Lake Turkana in Kenya. The surrounding hills and banks are home to over 40 tribes, who live off the land according to the ancient traditions that they have followed for centuries.

Visitors who come here can witness the unique cultures of the lip-plated Mursi people, the body painted Karo and the bull jumping Hamer.

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