Simien Mountains

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The Simien Mountain range is a rugged and remote chain of mountains stretching across northern Ethiopia. Home to Ethiopia’s tallest mountain, Ras Dashen (4,543 meters), the region is known for its unique and spectacularly wild landscape with breathtaking views of deep ravines and gorges, soaring rock spires and lush plateaus populated with wild flowers.

The high-altitude landscapes are home to exotic wildlife unique to the area, such as the ibex species, the Gelada baboon, several birds of prey and the extremely rare Ethiopian wolf, which has an estimated population of 50 in the Simien Mountains (out of 400 in the entire country). The rareness of the species residing in the Simien Mountains led to the formation of the National Park and its listing as a World Heritage site in 1978.

The best way to explore the rich and diverse flora of the Simien Mountains, and spotting its wildlife, is by foot. Plodding along steep valley trails and up towering peaks makes for a memorable, yet challenging adventure.

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