Ranomafana National Park

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Ranomafana National park

Ranomafana is without doubt the most popular national park in Madagascar. Ranomafana became a national park in 1991 after the golden bamboo wall was discovered in 1986. This lemur was seriously threatened with extinction. The park consists of more than 416 km2 of rainforest, filled with unique flora and fauna. 'Rano' means water and 'Mafana' means warm in Malagasy. This name comes from the hot springs situated in the park. For this reason, the French established a spa in this area and around it the village Ranomafana developed.


Morning Walk Ranomafana

You start early on your walk in the rainforest Ranomafana National Park. Your professional guide will discuss the desired duration and level of the walk with you. Together you will search for the golden bamboo lemur, eastern woolly lemur, red bellied lemur, eastern grey bamboo lemur, greater bamboo lemur, red-fronted brown lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur, Milne-Edward´s sifaka, Small-toothed sportive lemur, greater dwarf lemur and brown mouse lemur and the very rare aye-aye of course. You will make your way to the excellent views from the lookout. On the way you will see strangling vines, tree ferns, various types of bamboo and native trees filled with many birds, chameleons, snakes, frogs, butterflies and spiders.


Evening Walk Ranomafana

The evening walk is set up to spot the nocturnal animals. The evening walk of about 2 hours takes place along the main road along the edge of the reserve. The rest of the park is closed at this time. Searching for the animal activity in the dark is a guarantee for a fun and interesting experience. There are few cars at this time and therefore the only traffic you are likely to come across are other visitors wielding torches looking for glowing eyes in the dark! The road makes for easy walking and the proximity to the vegetation will mean that you are likely to see some of the special nocturnal creatures this park is home to. Will you be the one to spot the small mouse lemur first? Also keep a lookout for the many chameleons hiding.

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