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20 days Madagascar Complete

North & South Madagascar


For those who cannot choose between North or South Madagascar this tour has the best of both worlds. Nature, hiking, Lemur spotting and relaxing on a tropical island. 


  • Best parks in North & South Madagascar
  • inclusive of all domestic flights
  • Tropical island of Nosy Be
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Day by Day: 20 days Madagascar Complete

Day 1: Welcome to Madagascar!

On arrival at the airport of Antananarivo your driver/guide will pick you up from the airport and take you to a cozy guesthouse on the outskirts of town. Susie’s Place recently opened and in a quiet neighborhood nearby the airport. 

Journey Time 15 minutes from airport
Accommodation        Susie's place
Meal Plan No meals inclusive today

Day 2: To Andasibe N.P.

After a good night sleep and a good breakfast you will start your journey Eastwards. The drive will take about 3 to 4 hours. On the way you will have the possibility to have a picnic stop and pay a visit to Peyrieras Reptile Reserve. This reptile farm has a large collection of Chameleons, Geckos and Frogs species. Here you will be able to see most of the reptiles that you will look for in the forests during the rest of your tour and take good pictures of them. 

Journey Time 4 hours
Accommodation Eulophiella
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 3: Nature walks in Andasibe N.P.

Andasibe national park is the habitat of the biggest lemur in the world, the Indri-Indri. You will take an exciting walk in the national park with a professional guide looking for these very special creatures. You will be amazed by the impressive sound the Indri Indri make to communicate with each other. You will probably also see the Bamboo Lemur, Brown lemur and the largest chameleon, the Parsons Chameleon.

In the evening you can go for an nocturnal walk around the forest to spot the nocturnal animals, like the Mouse lemur and the Sportive lemur and different species of Chameleons and Frogs.

Journey Time Depending on the walk
Accommodation Eulophiella
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 4: To Antsirabe

A long but scenic drive will take you to the colorful town of Antsirabe. On the way you will see the scenery changing to farm lands where primarily rice is grown by the local people. You will have the possibility to pay a short visit to one of the best duck liver producers in the country, and taste this delicacy.

In Antsirabe you will see more of the Malagasy way of life. You can enjoy a ride through the town on a pousse-pousse. The pousse-pousse (translated literally “push push”) are the local bikes for Antsirabe. You can also enjoy a drink on one of the local terraces. You will spend the night in Antsirabe town. There are plenty of good restaurants in town to enjoy the local cuisine.

Journey Time 8 hours
Accommodation Coulour Cafe
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 5: To Ranomafana N.P.

After breakfast you will travel to Ranomafana National Park. This park is without doubt the most popular national park of Madagascar. This park is famous for its 12 different species of Lemurs which you will be able to spot.

In the afternoon you can enjoy the pool filled with hot water from the nearby hot springs or go to the spa. You will sleep in the comfortable en-suite rooms of Centrest Hotel. The hotel is located 30 minutes drive from the starting point for tomorrow’s activities.

Journey Time 6 hours
Accommodation Centrest Hotel
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 6: Ranomafana N.P.

Ranomafana national park became a national park after the discovery of a new Lemur species called the Golden Bamboo Lemur which is critically endangered. The rainforest has unique flora and fauna with 12 species of Lemurs, 118 bird species of which 30 only exist in Ranomafana national park.

The name literally translates in the local Malagasy language to “warm water“, there are several hot water springs in the national park! You will also be able to see the Milne Edward Sifaka and many different chameleons and geckos.


Today you will have all the time to spot different species of lemurs. There are 5 different tracks that you can explore with a professional guide. The walks start early morning and depending on your fitness you can choose the track which is right for you.

Don’t miss the evening night walk in along the park to see the nocturnal animals, like the mouse lemur, chameleon, gecko and the Treefrog.

Journey Time 6 hours
Accommodation Centrest Hotel
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 7 & 8: Ambalavao Region

Today you will drive further South on the RN7. You will enjoy many short stops on the way to see a glips of Malagasy culture. Soon you will reach a beautifully located lodge on the slope of the mountain “Le Capitain”. From here you will explore this mountainous area with vinyards, rice paddies, surrounded by high peaks. And also the locally run Parc Anja, where you can meet a huge family of ringtailed lemurs.  

Journey Time 4 hours (on day 7)
Accommodation Betsileo Country Lodge
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 9 & 10: Isalo N.P.

A half day drive will take you to the Grand Canyon of Madagascar, Isalo National Park. This landscape is an amazing mix of deep canyons, green oases, sandstone formations and plains. Here the history of earth is close to you.

The next two days are there to enjoy this beautiful area. On day 8 you will be in the park all day. With a professional local guide you will cross Isalo by foot. Don’t forget to bring your swimming costume to be able to dive in one of the natural pools. Lunch will be inclusive in the walk.

Journey Time 4 hours (on day 7)
Accommodation Ranche 'd Isalo
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 11: Tulear

Today you will continue on the RN7 to the coast. Before reaching Tulear you will turn on a sandy road along the coast to a beautiful Beach Lodge. Here you can relax in the afternoon with your feet in the sand. There are several optional activities you can do the coming days organized by your accommodation. Be ready for an amazing sunset over the canal de Mozambique!

Journey Time 4 hours
Accommodation Famata Lodge
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 12: Domestic flight to Antananarivo

Today you will fly back to Antananarivo. You will stay at the same cozy guesthouse as at the beginning of the trip. In the evening you will have the possibility to try one of the good restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Journey Time 15 minutes from airport
Accommodation        Susie's place
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 13: Domestic flight to Diego Suarez

A morning flight will take you to the far northern part of the Island to the town Diego Suarez, or locally known as Antsiranana. This colorful and lively little town is often referred to as the Havana of Madagascar. You will spend the night in a beautifully located hotel just outside town with a large swimming pool and a good restaurant. A perfect place to start your tour in the North!

Journey Time 3 hours
Accommodation        Suarez Hotel
Meal Plan Breakfast                         

Day 14: To Ankarana N.P.

In the morning after a good breakfast you will continue your journey to Ankarana National park. Millions of years ago the northwest side of the island Madagascar was pushed up from the sea. Wind and rain creatively formed this limestone mass into a karst formation. These razorsharp rocks are locally called: Tsingy.

In the afternoon you will walk to the small Tsingy with stunning landscapes on the way.

The coming two nights you will spend in Ankarana lodge. This lodge is the ideal starting point for a visit for Ankarana national park. It is located in the midst of beautiful nature with limestone formations and dry savanna. Different species of birds and lemurs often visit the lodges as well as chameleons, frogs and lizards. 

Journey Time 5 hours
Accommodation        Ankarana lodge
Meal Plan Breakfast                          

Day 15: The Big Tsingy

Today you will explore the Big Tsingy. Tsingy is the Malagasy word for “walking on tiptoes” and the nearly impenetrable labyrinth of limestone needles justifies this name. This is probably the most rewarding half-day trip within the park as it goes deep into the limestone forest passing through several hanging bridges with the impressive karstic formations below your feet.

In the afternoon you will have a nice dinner at the Ankarana lodge. 

Journey Time 2 hours
Accommodation        Ankarana lodge
Meal Plan Breakfast                          

Day 16 - 18: Nosy Be island

After a short drive of 3 hours through the tropical landscape of Northern Madagascar you will arrive at the coast in the little town Ankify. A speedboat is waiting to transfer you to the Perfume Island: Nosy Be. Nosy Be means “Big Island”, because it is the biggest island of the northwest coast of Madagascar. At the harbour a transfer will be waiting for you to take you to Madirokely Bay where you hotel is located.

On this island you will spend three nights at Nosy Lodge, enjoying the tropical white Sandy beaches, good food and the relaxed local island atmosphere.


Optional activities Nosy Be

There are many optional activities possible from Nosy Be:

  • Visit Nosy Tanikely and swim with seaturtles and enjoy a great lunch on the beach.
  • Visit the Paradise Island, Nosy Iranja, seriously the most beautiful place on earth.
  • Visit Lokobe NP and spot the endangered black lemur.
  • Go on a Catamaran cruise around the islands
  • Book a diving trip to one of great diving locations in Nosy Be (in October and November diving with whale sharks is possible)  

You can organize these activities with your hotel.

Journey Time 3 hours (on day 16)
Accommodation        Nosy Lodge
Meal Plan Breakfast                         

Day 19: Domestic flight to Antananarivo

Today you will fly back to Antananarivo with a domestic flight of Air Madagacar.

A short airport transfer will take you to Antananarivo town where you will spend the night at the Au Bois Vert Hotel. 

In the evening you will have the possibility to try one of the good restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Journey Time 3 hours
Accommodation Susies Place
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 20: Departure

Today is unfortunately your last day with Matoke tours in Madagacar. Depending on your time of departure, you will have a day room at Sakamanga Hotel to freshen up and store your luggage.

If time allows you will have the possibility of visiting some of the interesting sites in the capital and do some souvenir shopping. Your driver/guide will take you back to the airport for your international flight home.

This is the end of hopefully a wonderful tour in Madagascar with Matoke tours!

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