Day by Day

7-day Family Tour Madagascar

Lemurs, hiking and beach!

Value for money

This 1-week Madagascar route is perfect for families, or anyone who is interested in combining ultimate relaxation with beautiful nature walks!


  • Spot Lemurs in Ankarana N.P.
  • Forest hike to Tsingy rocks
  • Relax on Nosy Sakatia
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Day by Day: 7 days Family Tour Madagascar

Day 1: Welcome to Madagascar!

This tour starts at the airport of Nosy Be. In case your international flight arrives at the airport of Antananarivo, a domestic flight will be needed at an additional cost.

On arrival at the airport of Nosy Be (Big Island) a transfer driver will be waiting for you. He will take you to the harbor of Hellville (The capital of Nosy Be) where you will board a speedboat to Ankify on the mainland. 

The boat will stop at Hotel Baobab, where you will spend the night in a bungalow on the beach. The hotel has a good restaurant and a beautiful sea view. Enjoy your first evening in Madagascar!

Journey Time 2 hours
Accommodation        Hotel Baobab
Meal Plan No meals inclusive today

Day 2: To Ankarana National Park

After a delicious breakfast you will start your journey to Ankarana National park. This is one of the oldest parks in Madagascar founded in 1956. This park consists of a beautiful sea of ​​sharp limestone rocks with deep gorges, rivers and caves which actually makes this the biggest underground network of Africa. The rivers inhabit a vast population of reptiles like crocodiles and various other amphibian species. Millions of years ago the northwestern side of the island Madagascar was pushed upwards from the sea.  With an annual rainfall of almost 2000 mm, the underlying rocks undergo a heavy erosion producing an amazing karst topography; the eroded limestone scenery is known as “Tsingy”. The pinnacles are surrounded by a large deciduous forest full of other endemic animals and plants. The park is popular amongst hikers because it offers incredible walking trails with unique landscapes and a variety of animals!

After lunch and check in, you will head out for a 3 hour walk which is a mere 15 minute drive from the reception of the park. After walking through the deciduous forest, with regular stops to sight occasional lemurs and reptiles, you will reach the peak of the razor-sharp rocks and will be greatly impressed by the view of the landscape. 

Journey Time 3 hours
Accommodation Chez Laurent
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 3: Extensive Tsingy walk

At the start of your colossal Tsingy Ankarana hike you will go through the deciduous forest and it will take you about an hour to reach the edge of the forest. Remember to carry your camera for this part of the walk because there are a variety of birds, lemurs, reptiles and mongoose to sight .This forested area has an easy flat track but the trail to the suspension bridge is much rougher as you hike towards the Tsingy. 

After an hour you will reach the edge of the forest where you willl see a breath taking view of Tsingy rocks. Look out for lemurs jumping across ravines since this is a preferred habitat for them, as much as it does not look like a comfortable living space with the sharp rocks. After hiking through a makeshift path you will continue your walk over the razor-sharp rocks until you reach a beautiful view point where you can enjoy and a picnic. 

Optionally you can visit a cave in the afternoon where a variety of bats live, in the thousands. It depends on whether you have already visited the cave on the first day in the park and whether you are interested to visit the sight. There are steep stairs down and it is good to take a flashlight as the caves are dark (your guide will have 1). 

In the late afternoon you can take a refreshing dive in the pool of your lodge.

Journey Time Depending on the walk
Accommodation Chez Laurent
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 4 - 6 : Nosy Sakatia, the ultimate Tropical island

Nosy Sakatia is a smaller Island opposite Nosy Be with a forest, calm and clear waters coupled by an intriguing local life that will guarantee you and the family the privacy you need and a splendid time relaxing your feet in the sand.

You will spend three nights in the simple but charming Chez Richard (Delphino). The owner, Richard, is also the main cook and serves mouth-watering fresh food on a daily basis. Sakatia Lodge next door can easily be accessed for your internet needs and a change of scenery, it has a dive Centre, water sport equipment and it’s also quite easy for one to swim around the corner and snorkel with the sea turtles.

There are many optional activities possible from Nosy Sakatia:

  • Visit Nosy Tanikely and swim with sea turtles and enjoy a great lunch on the beach.
  • Visit the Paradise Island, Nosy Iranja, one of the the most beautiful places on earth. 
  • Visit Lokobe NP and spot the endangered black lemur.
  • Go on a Catamaran cruise around the islands 
  • Book a diving trip to one of great diving locations in Nosy Be (in October and November diving with whale sharks is possible)  

Journey Time 5 hours
Accommodation Chez Richard (Delphino) 
Meal Plan Breakfast

Day 7: Departure

Today is unfortunately the last day with Matoke tours in Madagascar. Your designated Guide/Driver will transfer you back to the airport of Nosy Be for you flight back home. 

This is the end of a wonderful tour in Madagascar. 



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