Matoke Tours donates $5 for each client to Omutti

Fly climate neutral to your destination in Africa!

Tourism can bring many economic and social benefits, particularly in rural areas and developing countries. However, tourism can only be sustainable if it is carefully managed so that potential negative effects on the host community and the environment are not permitted to outweigh the financial benefits.

When you book your trip with Matoke Tours – to any of our destinations – Matoke Tours will donate US$ 5 per person to the Omutti project. With this donation, you will fly climate neutral to your destination in Africa regardless of the airline you are flying with. 


Omutti’ means ’Tree’ in Luganda; the most common local language in Uganda, where the project is based. In a green country like Uganda trees are vital; they are the most important part of the rainforests; the lungs of the earth.

The ‘Omutti’ project adopts trees to preserve the rainforest and to support the local farmers in this area affected by the ever changing climate.

‘Omutti’ is in cooperation with the Murchison-Semliki REDD+. ‘Omutti’ operates in the Murchison-Semliki landscape and focuses on the corridor that connects two of Uganda’s rainforests; Kibale Forest and Budongo Forest.


Positive and negative effects tourism

Traveling is great and tourism has a lot of posstive influences.Tourism creates jobs, both through direct employment within the tourism industry and indirectly in sectors such as retail and transportation. When these people spend their wages on goods and services, it leads to what is known as the "multiplier effect," creating more jobs.

The improvements to infrastructure and new leisure amenities that result from tourism also benefit the local community. Tourism encourages the preservation of traditional customs, handicrafts and festivals that might otherwise have been allowed to wane, and it creates civic pride. Interchanges between hosts and guests create a better cultural understanding and can also help raise global awareness of issues such as poverty and human rights abuses.


Tourism - particularly nature and ecotourism - helps promote conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rain forests, as these are now regarded as tourism assets. It also helps generate funding for maintaining animal preserves and marine parks through entrance charges and guide fees. By creating alternative sources of employment, tourism reduces problems such as over-fishing and deforestation in developing nations.

However, tourism also has downsides, for example flying to Africa has a negative impact on the environment. Tourism poses a threat to a region's natural and cultural resources, such as water supply, beaches, coral reefs and heritage sites, through overuse. It also causes increased pollution through traffic emissions, littering, increased sewage production and noise.

Why is Omutti Unique?

 1. ‘Omutti’ does not plant new trees, but adopts trees / parts of the rainforest. In this way Omutti supports the local farmers. This makes the project more efficient and effective than many other initiatives to make your fight carbon-neutral where they plant new trees. When you plant new young trees after they have been logged it takes at least 20 years to grow. Omutti protect the existing rainforest and the animals living in the rainforest from disappearing.

2. Omutti focuses on Africa. The donation goes directly to the preservation of the rainforest in Uganda, as we operate in Africa!


3. Omutti has no extra costs: 100% of the donation goes directly to the local farmers and herewith the preservation of the rainforests.

4. Omutti is a transparent project. The results can easily be seen by the amount of land adopted by Omutti and amount of local farmers benefitting from the project. We can show this by inviting you to see the results of the project when booked on your tour in Uganda with us.

You can as well donate to this project yourself. Please mail Matoke Tours to ask for information about this. 

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