Ruaha National Park

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Safari in Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is seen as the best kept secret of Tanzania. Long hilly tracks wind along the Ruaha River with outcrops of baobab, acacia and fig trees creating a breathtaking panorama. 


Safari in Ruaha National Park?

Located in central Tanzania 120 km away from the town of Iringa, the park is the second largest (10,300 km²) in the country after the Serengeti. Ruaha was originally settled by the Wahehe people. Armed with spears they fought a 4-year guerrilla war against German occupation in the 19th century.

Hippos, elephants, kudus, and zebras are easily spotted along the river. Cheetahs and wild dogs are a popular sight in the plains area and the bird life is impressive throughout the park with some 440 documented species.

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Ruaha NP