Lake Mburo National Park

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The Park

Lake Mburo is the smallest of Uganda's wildlife parks and very centrally located a few hours' drive from Kampala and less than one day's drive from the southwest of Uganda (home of the mountain gorillas). Lake Mburo has rich animal lifewith more than 315 different bird species and 68 different mammals (including impala, buffalo, leopards, hyenas, jackals, etc). Lake Mburo is also the only park in Uganda where you can find zebras.


Lake Mburo Walking Safari

Lake Mburo N.P. is one of two parks in Uganda where it is permitted to go for a bush walk with an experienced ranger. And this opportunity should not be missed.

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From footprints and animal droppings the ranger will tell you which animal has left it and how long ago. It is exciting to approach the wildlife at such close range.


Lake Mburo Horseback Safari

If you are in or passing near Lake Mburo, don't miss the chance of going on a safari on horseback. You'll ride for two full hours sighting zebra, gazelle, buffalo, while also enjoying wonderful landscapes along the way.

The horses are very well trained and maintained by their German owners. There are horses available for riders of different levels of experience.


Mihingo Lodge inside Lake Mburo NP

Mihingo Lodge is a peaceful and exclusive retreat adjacent to Lake Mburo National Park. The lodge has ten rooms built on wooden platforms with stilts, covered by a thatched roof. Suspended under the thatched roof is a very spacious and comfortable tent with stunning views, equipped with en suite bathroom.

Each luxury tented room is nestled on a private piece of the lodge's property, enabling guests to enjoy the tranquil environment in complete seclusion. Placed in varied settings, some rooms are situated in a forest, some with a lake view, and some on rocky outcrops.

The main dining area is a large thatched structure built of rocks, the wood of dead weathered olive trees found on the land, and native grasses. Below the dining area, an infinity swimming pool stretches out from the rocks and seems to disappear into the vast landscape beyond. From the dining and pool area, guests can enjoy the view of a westward oriented valley and its stunning evening sunsets over Lake Mburo National Park.

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Lake Mburo National Park